LINET Multicare Bed

Multicare is designed for patient safety – it is 1 of the very few beds for intensive care that meets the latest IEC 60601-2-52 standard. The Multicare bed for critical and intensive care comes of ten years of innovation and development, and is equipped with several unique features and functions. It aids in the prevention of pulmonary complications in long term immobile patients, and facilitates many therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.

Product Information

The LINET Multicare Bed eases physically demanding procedures, thereby saving time and reducing caregiver workload. The unique columnar construction and leading edge materials ensure fast and effective cleaning, ease of maintenance, and lasting durability. All functions are managed and controlled by an electronic system rounding out the design of the intelligent critical and intensive care bed of the future.

prevention of pulmorary complications

PREVENTION OF PULMONARY COMPLICATIONS –Automatic Lateral Therapy (ALT®) is a function that maintains the bed, and the patient in it, in a permanent cycle of programmed lateral tilts. This partly replaces the natural movement of the human body, and acts preventatively against serious respiratory complications.


Safe x-raying

SAFE X-RAYING – The lateral X-ray cassette holder enables safe imaging of the chest without repositioning the patient on the bed. It is equipped with a sliding cassette system for exact placement under the patient, and enables imaging in both landscape and portrait formats.

Automatic Weighing

AUTOMATIC WEIGHING –The Advanced Weighing System integrated into the Multicare® bed is capable of calculating the exact weight of the patient in all bed positions. This yields not only the current value of the patient’s weight, but also provides valuable information on changes over time.



Comfortable control

COMFORTABLE CONTROL – The Multiboard® main control is oriented so that its horizontal surface clearly indicates adjustment of the backrest to 30°, the preventative position for respiratory complications. In addition, it is easily accessible in the Orthopneic Chair® position, or with lowered central side rail.



easier breathing

EASIER BREATHING – The Orthopneic Chair® position created by the Ergoframe® mattress platform facilitates respiration and is primarily intended for patients with resting dyspnea,. It combines a high Fowler’s position, pressure reduction in the abdominal area, and easier deep breathing and foot support, allowing the use of additional breathing muscles.



Less effort

LESS EFFORT – Nursing is one of the professions with the highest risk of back pain. This is usually caused by the strain endured when positioning heavy patients while providing care. Lateral tilt can help significantly in these situations. Work becomes much easier with automatic bed functions, which also reduce the potential risk of human error.

Excellent safety

EXCELLENT SAFETY – The side rails extend along the body of the patient from the area of the knees to the head, and thus protect the patient against a possible fall. The parameters of the side rails create the highest safety standard in the class, and render the bed compatible with both active and passive mattresses up to a height of 23 cm.



Prevention of Pressure Ulcers

COMPLEX PREVENTION OF PRESSURE ULCERS – Pressure ulcers are a complication that can be prevented. Careful positioning of the patient, reduction of pressure on the soft tissues, and reduction of shear forces during changes in the position of the bed are key aspects that the Multicare® bed provides in the prevention of pressure ulcers. Multicare is fully compatible with the Virtuoso® active mattress. It is based on the principle of zero pressure air cell alternation. In a 7.5 minute cycle, the pressure is reduced to zero in one of three neighbouring cells.

maintenance and service

EFFECTIVE MAINTENACE AND SERVICE – For easy cleaning and decontamination, the bed has a minimal number of small parts, plastic parts are smooth with no fissures, and the sealed columnar construction prevents contaminated liquids from leaking into the motors.