Carestream DryView 6850

Product Information

CARESTREAM’s DRYVIEW Laser Imagers are the most complete diagnostic imaging portfolio in the industry. Carestream offers medical printing solutions for the entire imaging chain including computed radiography, digital radiography, HIS/RIS, PACS, hardcopy digital output and traditional film and screen products. These reliable medical printing systems make it easy and affordable to meet your current needs and build for your future.

The Carestream DryView 6850 is a laser imager with 650 dpi resolution for connection to DICOM modalities. The imager is a solution for central printing of diagnostic images. Three supply magazines and a film sorter are included and out of 5 formats three online formats can be selected.

DryView 6850 key features include:

  • Laser image quality that prints every image at 650 dpi on every film size
  • 14 bit pixel depth
  • High throughput up to 200 films per hour for 20 x 25cm (8x10in) film
  • 5 film sizes possible with 3 formats online: 20x25cm, 25x30cm, 28x35cm, 35x35cm, 35x43cm (8x10in, 10x12in, 11x14in, 14x14in, 14x17in)
  • 3 mammo film sizes: 20x25cm, 25x30cm, 28x35cm (8x10in, 10x12in, 11x14in)
  • Film output via film sorter
  • Laser film is used with possibility of daylight film loading
  • Max. density from 3.3 to 4.0 for mammography