Auto Kerato-Refractometer KR-8900

The Topcon RM-8900 auto-refractometer provides the best objective refraction results, due to the implemented rotating prism, a Topcon patent. The RM-8900 results are the best starting point for subjective refraction, minimising the amount of time required to perform subjective refraction. The Topcon KR-8900 auto-kerato-refractometer adds central keratometry to the RM-8900 functionality as well as automatic measurement.

Product Information

The compact footprint and design of the RM-8900 and KR-8900 can save space and add functionality to the contemporary eye care practice. A smaller optical head facilitates the operator’s view on the patient’s face.

  • Color liquid crystal display screen
    Measurement results and setting information are displayed on an easy-to-view color screen.
  • Incorporated rotary prism measuring system
    The rotary prism measurement system unique to TOPCON assures high measurement accuracy.
  • Measurable minimum pupil diameter is 2.0mm
    Pupils of aged people and people with long eyelashes can be measured easily.
  • Compact and Stylish Design
    The compact footprint can save space and add functionality to the contemporary eye care practice with a smaller optical head and an ergonomically positioned screen.
  • Easy-to-load printer
    The easy-to-load printer enables simple maintenance. Just drop the paper roll into the holder.
  • Cornea diameter measurement
    Corneal diameter can be measured during testing, and the image can be recalled later.


Objective Refractometer Mode Sphere range -25D to +22D (0.12D/0.25D)
Cylinder range 0D to ±10D (0.12D/0.25D)
Axis range 0°to 180° (in 1°or 5° steps)
Minimum measurable pupil diameter ?2.0mm
Corneal Curvature Mode Corneal curvature radius 5.00 to 10.00mm (0.01mm)
Refraction index 1.3375
Corneal refraction 67.5D to 33.75D (0.12D/0.25D)
Corneal astigmatism 0D to ±10D (0.12D/0.25D)
Corneal astigmatism axial angle 0°to 180°(in 1°and 5°steps)
Others PD measurement range 20-85mm in 1mm step
Output RS-232C / USB 1.1


Other Specifications

Dimensions 288(W) × 509(D) × 432-462(H)mm
Weight 19.6kg
Power Supply 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, 75VA